Lunchbox Thinks Morgan Is “In Love” & Moving Too Fast

Lunchbox was shocked when he heard Morgan talking about a quick trip she took over the weekend.

Morgan spent less than 24 hours in Texas and Lunchbox believes the reason she came back early was to spend time with her "man in uniform." He heard her talking about the weekend and how she got to stay with one of her childhood friends who she normally sees once a year, so he was surprised when she said she was only there for a day and not the whole weekend. He believes the reason she came back is because she's so in love with her new boyfriend and thinks she's moving too fast by putting him over her childhood friend.

However, Morgan quickly intervened saying she had just spent the last 3 weekends traveling and this Texas trip was a last minute work request. So she wanted to get in and out quickly to be back home with her dog and cat after being gone from them so much lately. It was just a bonus she got to spend some time with her childhood friend, who also happened to be leaving the next morning for another trip. And another bonus that she got to have some downtime after the trip to hang out with her boyfriend. She added that just because Lunchbox takes advantage of work trips by being gone the whole weekend, it doesn't mean she needs to.

Bobby didn't understand why Lunchbox was being such a hater, even if Morgan wanted to come home early and the reason was her boyfriend.

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