TMSG: Son Used Bucket Truck To Visit Mother On 3rd Floor Of Assisted Living

Ohio arborist Charley Adams hasn't been able to visit his mom Julie at her assisted living home due to the coronavirus restrictions.

So he decided to come up with a way to visit her without having to violate any social distancing or quarantine rules. Since Adams owns Adams Tree Preservation, he has access to a truck with a bucket attached to an adjustable boom for trimming trees.

The truck's boom is tall enough to reach his mom's third floor window at her assisted living center. So he checked with the center to make sure it was ok and they gave him the green light. Adams took his truck and went over to see his mom through the window of her 3rd floor room while he was standing in the bucket. They chatted for about 10 minutes while his wife Corrie was on the ground with their dogs, because his mom likes to see them.

Adams plans to take the truck back for the foreseeable future to make sure he can see his mom.

Photo: Getty Images