Mike D. Decided To Drive To Austin To Pick Up His Girlfriend For Quarantine

During The Bobby Bones Show yesterday Bobby Bones brought up to Mike D that he still thinks Mike D should get his long distance girlfriend to come up to Nashville for quarantine.

Mike D shared that he was feeling lonely at the house so he decided to put his Christmas tree back up and it worried Bones. So much so that he pushed Mike D to ask his girlfriend again if she wanted to be with him up in Nashville. Previously, she didn't want to take any flights to Nashville due to staying clear of others in case she might be sick. She also didn't want to have to drive 12 hours there and 12 hours back by herself.

Since 2 weeks have passed, Bones encouraged Mike D to ask if she would want to come to Nashville to spend the rest of quarantine here. She still wasn't show any symptoms of being sick after being in self quarantine awhile so it was perfect timing. She did want to come up and spend the time with Mike D, so now he is driving to pick her up in Texas this weekend.