Florida: What You Should And Shouldn’t Do In An Active Shooter Situation

This is a blog I never imagined myself having to write.

Last night in Jacksonville two people were shot inside the restroom of the Morton’s Steakhouse that connects to the Hyatt Regency. As of the time I’m writing this the shooter is still at large.

What should and shouldn’t you do in an active shooter situation? Do you ever think about this stuff??

I’ve always lived my life extremely paranoid, not out of fear, but out of safety.

I always want to be ready, and even though you can’t tell, I’m always watching what’s going on.

That’s why you rarely see me with out sunglasses on, it would creep people out if they saw my eyes looking all over the place.

I grew up with an uncle that was a cop, and he taught me so much about paying attention at all times to your surroundings.

Keep an eye on people, pay attention when you’re out, know your exits, stuff like that. In other words don’t have your face in your damn phone all the damn time!! I’m serious.

I can’t believe the amount of people that pay no attention to what’s happening around them in public. Don’t get me started about red lights. People hardly ever take there eyes off their phones while at a red light, it’s maddening to me. I hope if you’re not, you will start paying more attention.

Most people I see don’t even look up when someone comes through the door of a place. That’s unbelievable to me!

Like my uncle used to say, “if you’re see it coming those extra seconds may save your life!” The News station in Jacksonville talked to an expert and he gave some tips that you’re not currently thinking about, you should start ASAP!

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