If You Haven't See Rebel Wilson Lately SHE LOOKS AMAIZING!!

She's so motivating! Rebel Wilson decided to get healthy and change her life, and look at her now. I'm such a fan of people that change their lives! It's not easy, I struggle with it all the time.

Rebel has changed everything about her eating habits which means cutting all the trash out of her diet. She said her relationship with food has "really changed" and she's had to relearn a lot of behaviors she'd been doing her whole life. That's why it's so hard for people, cause until you are really ready, you'll never fix yourself.

Her diet isn't all Rebel changed, she's working out almost everyday, and if she's not training she's moving in some way shape or form. I love watching her progression, plus who ever thought you'd see Rebel Wilson flipping tires? Love her!!