Couple Of My Favorite Gulf Surf Shops

My first pick is Nekton Surf shop in Indian Rocks Beach. As far as good surf and fishing brands, Nekton is loaded. I love the RVCA brand and they always have the new hats. Nekton also does a lot of original print tee’s and hats. I wear one of their local tie-dies almost weekly.

My favorite thing about the shop is the people that work there. All laid back, cool, and know the brands.

My other favorite gulf surf shop is on John’s Pass. Ladies and gentlemen give it up for OVERHEARD SURF SHOP!!

I love Overhead’s local original shirts! Back story, I’ve been collecting bad ass shirts from all over the world for years, and I never miss one of Overhead’s local shirt runs.

Good people in the shop too! If you know any other hidden gems as surf shops hit me up