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What Florida is doing to stop robo calls

We all get them...spam calls. These calls are illegal, and most originate from outside the US. Aside from just ignoring them, there is something you can do to stop them!

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody has joined attorneys general from all 50 US states on a Robocall Litigation Task Force, with the goal of cutting down spam calls.

If you're not currently on the Do Not Call registry, you should consider adding your name to that list. Honestly, I've never added my info to the DNC because that in itself seems scammy! How do I know the info isn't being sold to a third party? I'm inherently skeptical, what can I say?

Well now Florida has its own Do Not Call list, in addition to the national list. The state Do Not Call list was set up to give the state an additional avenue to pursue legal action against these scammers. It should cut down on both spam calls and texts originating outside the US.

HERE is the link to the national Do Not Call.

HERE is the link to the Florida state Do Not Call.

You can register for one, or both. The Florida list is free and indefinite, meaning you do not pay, and your request will not expire.

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