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Passenger lands plane when pilot goes unconscious

I hear stories like this sometimes, and I always wonder if I'd be able to stay calm enough to handle the situation if something like this happened to me.

And unnamed passenger was able to safely land a small aircraft in West Palm this week when the pilot had a medical episode and became unconscious. The passenger radioed for help, and an air traffic conroller talked him through safely landing the plane! The passenger had no previous flight experience, and pulled it off!

When the plane was safely on the ground, this conversation happened:

“You just witnessed a couple passengers land that plane,” one of the controllers reportedly said over the radio.

“Did you say the passengers landed the plane?” another asked.

“That’s correct,” the controlled replied.

“Oh, my gosh. Great job.”

Morgan said he met the passenger on the tarmac and they hugged it out.

“It felt really good to help somebody and he told me that he couldn’t wait to get home and hug his pregnant wife,” Morgan said.

Great job, dude! I hope if I'm ever in that position, I can remain as calm as you!

[WFLA News]

Thumbnail photo: Getty Images

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