Matt Stell has a new EP coming out, and called to talk about it

Matt Stell has a new EP dropping tomorrow (well, tonight at midnight, if you wanna get technical), and he called to talk about the new album. We discussed making music in a pandemic, what he's learned in 2020, and then he dropped the bomb on me that he grew up in Bradenton--WHAT!?

I'm working from home today, and had arranged for Matt to call me on my cell phone for the interview, which is a 941 area code. At the end of our conversation, he mentioned how nice it is to see a 941 number on his phone, because he grew up on the Suncoast, and hangs out on Longboat Key all the time. Y'all, I was shocked! And this was at the end of our allotted time together, so even though I wanted to talk to him more about Florida things, I had to let him go. I seriously thought he grew up in Arkansas! How did I not know about the Florida connection?! I feel like the worst host ever (face palm)!

Listen toward the end for the Florida stuff. He was so nice! Be sure to check out the new EP, Better Than That, out Friday!

Matt Stell's Bradenton connection