10-year-old girl's letter leads to changes in Tampa's street signs

Last year, 10-year-old Vivian Anderson of Tampa was in the car with her mom when she saw a “Men Working” sign. Vivian asked her mom, “Why is there a sign that says 'Men Working,' but men and women are both working?” Her mom, Mary, suggested she write a letter to Mayor Jane Castor, and let her know her concerns.

It took almost a year, but on September 30th Vivian received an invitation to City Hall to meet with the mayor and review the newly revised signage, which now states, “Workers Present.” She was also gifted a hard hat and a signed street sign that reads, "Vivian M. Anderson Way," which now hangs in her bedroom. "She was very excited," her mom said. "I think it gave her a lot of confidence that people will listen to kids. Kids can make a difference."

Very cool! And I've had the same thought about the construction signs myself, so I love that she decided to ask the question!

Photo: Getty Images