Coronavirus traps couple on tropical island

There's a couple stuck on a tropical island in the Maldives--an island nation in the Indian Ocean--because of Coronavirus. Olivia and Raul are newlyweds from South Africa, and traveled to a resort in the Maldives for their honeymoon, right at the beginning of the COVID outbreak. In the middle of their trip, flights were canceled, businesses on the island started to close, and they found themselves unable to return home.

Olivia and Raul have been at the resort since March 22nd, for what was supposed to be a six-day honeymoon. As of April 6th, they were still there. With all commercial flights from the Maldives to South Africa canceled, they've been given the option to charter a private plane...for $104,000, which is obviously not in the budget!

On top of that, they are being charged for their stay! The average rate for their hotel is about $700 a night, and since they can't leave, they may be stuck paying the bill. They are the only couple at the resort, and the entire resort staff is there to wait on them, because Government regulations won’t allow any Maldivians to leave resorts until after they undergo a quarantine that follows their last guests’ departure.

Olivia says, "Everyone wants to be stuck on a tropical island, until they're actually stuck."

You can read their full story HERE.

Photo: Getty Images