Students from MIT, Harvard offering free tutoring for K-12 kids!

Having a hard time being a homeschool teacher with all the schools closed right now? Dude, I feel you. If I were ever responsible for teaching high school math, we'd have a major problem. I barely got through that 20 years ago! Why do you think I went into radio and not rocket science?

Anyway, students from prestigious universities across the country are offering free online tutoring for students K-12. So if you need some help with your kiddos, check this out! The students are from Harvard, UC Berkeley, MIT, and more. HERE is a link to more info if you need help.

In the link above, there's a promo code to get the first two hours of tutoring for free. You can choose to pay for more after that if you want, but the first two hours (which can be broken up into multiple sessions) are free-of-charge.

Photo: Getty Images