COOL STORY: Guy loses 300 lbs delivering groceries!

A Chicago man who worked a second job delivering groceries through Instacart not only made some extra money – he also got healthy and fit!

30-year-old Antonio Martinez wound up losing a whopping 300 pounds – by eating the same foods his healthy customers ordered. He started paying attention to the foods that his fit customers were eating, and started eating the same foods! He also started walking more while doing deliveries, and took the stairs as often as possible while working (Chicago is a very "walking" city, with lots of people in multi-story apartments).

According to Antonio, "If I delivered [their grocery order] and the customer was really fit, I would be like, 'OK, what are they eating?' It helped me learn a cleaner lifestyle just by mirroring what people ordered.” Antonio’s motivation to lose the weight and get healthy came from wanting to start a family with his wife.

This is so motivating to me! It just goes to show that smaller changes over time can really transform your life! Go, Antonio!


Daily Mail
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