Fake cop pulls over REAL cop in Hillsborough County!

A Florida man who got his hands on a phony police badge had plenty of fun -- until he ran into a guy packing the real thing.

Matthew Joseph Erris was amusing himself with a one-man game of cops and robbers last week, but he made the mistake of turning on his red and blue lights, and pulling over a real undercover Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office detective. The 26-year-old might have gotten away with a warning for the silly prank, but when the real deputy turned the tables, he also found an illegal Airsoft gun tucked under the passenger-side seat of Erris's vehicle. (I didn't know Airsoft guns were illegal...maybe because it doesn't have an orange tip and looks kinda real?)

The sheriff's office is asking people who might've crossed his path in the past to come forward with their stories.


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