80-year-old Florida Man wrestles alligator in his yard

Yes, you read that headline correctly. An 80-year-old Florida man has successfully wrestled an alligator that he found in his yard because he feared his dog's safety was in jeopardy.

Oh, and did I mention this guy also breeds wolves? Because he also breeds wolves. Sounds like Florida Man s is busy!

The 6- to 7-foot gator was on the man's property, he wrestled it and tied it up himself, but then called wildlife officials to help him haul it away because it was too heavy for him to carry alone. Yeah, makes sense.

"I went and got the noose pole, and I got it around its neck. And we argued together ‘til we got all the way over to this pond, and then, he got his front legs down in the reeds. Then, we went all the way down. He had a space in the water,” he said.
It was then that Chapman called 911.
“I said, ‘I just need some help. I got it contained, but I need some help. I can’t get it out by myself,'" he said.
Wildlife officials responded within 30 minutes of Chapman’s phone call. They surrounded the alligator and used duct tape to restrain it before putting it in the back of a marked pickup truck.
No was hurt during the encounter.
Chapman said this incident is nothing strange. After all, he collects poisonous snakes for venom research and also breeds wolves. But he denies he’s a “tough guy.”
"Nah, not tough. Just been around this stuff a long time,” he said.

Wow. I'm glad no one was hurt! Great job, Florida Man!


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