Metallica cover Loretta Lynn in Nashville

Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo and guitarist Kirk Hammett served up another non-rock cover during their usual “Rob & Kirk doodle” segment of one of their latest concerts. The band was playing their first show in Nashville, Tennessee in a decade when the rockers treated fans to a cover of “You’re Lookin’ At Country” by Loretta Lynn.

Before they kicked off the number, Trujillo warned the crowd to go easy on them since “Kirk was supposed to sing this song,” but that the guitarist was “too nervous” so he had to take over on vocals. After giving Loretta a shoutout, they launched the sort-of-awkward cover of the 1971 hit.

Loretta, who was actually in the audience for the show, has since taken to Facebook to share a video of the performance and give the rockers props for covering her song. “Now I’ve seen everything,” she writes. “I loved it, boys! Keep rocking and it’s good by me if you do a few more of mine.” 

I've seen Metallica in concert a couple times, and they are awesome live. Country isn't exactly their "thing," but I like that they covered a country artist while in Nashville! Very cool!

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