Florida Man isn't good at hiding from the cops

Flagler County Sheriff's Office

How did this brilliant plan not work?  I'm shocked. 

 There's a 40-year-old guy named Jesse Pack from Bunnell, Florida (in Flagler County), and he had a warrant out for kidnapping and assault charges.  

Well . . . when the cops went to his house on Sunday, the woman there said Jesse was gone, but he'd left them a message.

Jesse had written on a mattress (did he run out of paper?) in orange magic marker, quote, "I know my warrant is active.  I'm not here, I am finishing a job and turning myself in." 

For some reason, the cops weren't totally convinced . . . maybe Jesse should've had the mattress notarized?  So they asked the woman if they could search the house and she said yes.  

You'll be surprised to learn the cops found Jesse curled up in the fetal position inside a dresser. 

Didn't see that one coming, did you? ;) 


This is the dresser they found him in, by the way. I guess technically, it's more of an entertainment center. Still, with the pillow, it looks like he was prepared to hole up in there for a while.

Flagler County Sheriff's Office
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