Got a bad boss? Then you're gonna make a GREAT boss!

Got a terrible boss? It's ok! There's a silver lining! 

I've had tons of bad bosses. I'm pretty lucky to have a great relationship with my boss now, but I've worked lots of jobs, and haven't always been so lucky in the boss department. Some of them have been downright horrid. If you've ever had a bad boss--or maybe you have one now!--don't worry, because that bad boss is actually teaching you to be a GOOD boss!

According to a new study, having a bad boss can actually help you become a great boss. Researchers found that being abused and mistreated by a boss doesn’t cause people to repeat the pattern and abuse and mistreat their own employees. Instead, it seems people learn what NOT to do from bad bosses -- making them better leaders. 

So if you're going to work every day and suffering under a terrible manager, just take solace in the fact that they're actually doing you a huge favor in the long run by making you better management material!

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