TACKY OR GENIUS: Charging family for holiday dinners

Last week, my husband and I hosted Thanksgiving dinner at our house. Between all the food, the wine, and the last-minute decorative things I bought, we spent a couple hundred bucks to feed 10 people, not to mention the time that goes into getting the house ready and preparing the meal.

If you've ever hosted dinner for a large group, you KNOW it's expensive and time consuming...wouldn't it be nice if your guests kicked in a few bucks to offset the cost?

I've thought of it, but I've never asked...but this woman in the UK is catching heat on social media because she wants to charge her family members $20 each for Christmas dinner. What do you think of this? It could either come off as super tacky, or totally genius, depending on how you spin it!

Think about it: if you typically do some kind of beef roast for Christmas dinner (as my family does), it costs a LOT of money to buy a roast to feed a group of 10-15, not to mention all the sides, appetizers, and dessert...and wine, of course! Why should the financial responsibility fall on ONE person?

But on the other hand, maybe if you can't afford to host, maybe just let someone else do it?

What do you think?

[The Takeout]

Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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