FINALLY! A cat-proof Christmas tree!


FINALLY. A company has made a cat-proof Christmas tree! 

For years, we haven't been able to put up a Christmas tree. My cat (may he rest in peace) took great pleasure in eating the pine needles, and then barfing all over the floor (lather, rinse, repeat, all day, all night, until the tree came down). And before you say, "Sarah, why don't you just get a fake tree?"...that didn't help. He'd chew on that too. He also thought it was fun to munch on the strands of lights and I was afraid he'd electrocute himself. Not to mention that one time he knocked the entire tree over so when I came home I thought an earthquake had hit my house. 

That kitty + Christmas tree = ain't gonna happen. 

I have a lot of friends whose dogs destroy Christmas trees too. So if the struggle is real for you, I HAVE FOUND THE HOLY GRAIL OF PET-PROOF TREES.

It's a half-Christmas tree. Basically, it only has branches at the top, so your pet can't reach them. I think it actually looks kinda cute. I'm not mad about this one bit! The tree comes pre-lit, and retails for about $42 (it's 33 GPB, and I Googled the conversion rate). 

Merry Christmas, bad kitties!


Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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