St Pete woman steals lobster from Red Lobster, drunkenly runs away

 If you're gonna get kicked out of some place for making a scene, you might as well REALLY make a scene.

 There's a 42-year-old woman named Kimberly Gabel from St. Pete.  On Saturday night she was at a Red Lobster, and she was drunk and bothering other people, so the manager asked her to leave.

She stormed out, cursing the whole way and making a scene . . . but right before she left, she stopped at the tank in the lobby where there are a bunch of live lobsters.

 And she reached in . . . GRABBED ONE . . . then took off. 

The store called 911, and a cop tracked down Kimberly nearby, still swearing.  She was arrested for disorderly intoxication. (SHE WAS DRUNK??! You don't say!)

As for the lobster . . . well, we don't know.  When the cop found Kimberly, she didn't have it with her, and as far as we know, it's still missing. 

Poor lobster!

[Smoking Gun]

Gabel/St Pete Police
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