Executive loses 40 lbs with "walking meetings"

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A few years ago, Terry Myerson had a high-powered job at Microsoft that was stressing him out. Things got so bad that he gained a bunch of weight and even considered quitting because he was worried about his health.

But instead of quitting, Terry made one small change that turned his life around. Instead of scheduling meetings in his office or a conference room, he scheduled “walking meetings.”

His team would meet outside -- rain or shine -- and take care of their business while walking. It became a source of pride for the team and led to some amazing results.

Terry reclaimed his health. He lost 40 pounds and recently completed a 70-mile race consisting of an open-water swim, a 56-mile bike ride and a 13-mile run.

Because of this one change, he got the same amount of work done, but also transformed his body -- and his life.

That is SO cool! I know a lot of people don't work in an office environment, but for those who do, maybe having "walking meetings" a few times a week--instead of at a desk or conference table-- could help you with your fitness goals during the day!

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