STUDY: Alcohol makes you forget the bad times, remember the good times

Maybe this is one of those things you already knew...but here comes a bunch of scientists to tell us that drinking alcohol makes us forget the bad times and remember the good times. Going to the bar to drown your sorrows? Maybe it's not such a bad idea after all!

According to the study, alcohol 'hijacks' the pathway that forms memory on a fundamental, molecular level.

It affects a gene involved with encoding whether a memory is pleasing or unpleasant and changes a protein the gene makes, which in turn makes you form 'craving memories'. (is that why I always want Taco  Bell at 2am when I've had too many drinks?)

One drink only changes the pathway for an hour, but three can change the pathway for 24 hours - which could explain why we forget being sick or stumbling home.

Huh. Interesting Welp, cheers y'all! Just don't drink and drive!

[Daily Mail]

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