Young people want temporary "marriages" and are cool with polygamy

Does it make me old-fashioned that I don't want my marriage to work the same way as my cell phone contract?

According to a new survey, a quarter of people between 18 and 24 would support a change making marriage contracts temporary. Basically, after five or 10 years of marriage, you'd have the option to renew your marriage . . . or upgrade to a new partner. 

I'll say this:  That would sure make people work a hell of a lot harder on their marriages!

The survey also found one-third of people under 24 think polygamy should be legal . . . and about half say you should be able to get divorced without citing any specific reason. 

Personally, I don't care if someone wants to be married to multiple people, as long as all parties are consenting adults. Hey, I'd never do it, but who am I to stop you? Knock yourself out. But I definitely don't think you should be able to divorce someone without a reason. That's like a 21st century ghosting on steroids. "Oh, yeah, I was married, but my husband started getting really clingy so I stopped returning his calls  filed for divorce." No thanks. 

[Daily Mail]

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