Woman removed from flight for bringing "emotional support squirrel" aboard


People have gotten out of control with their so-called "emotional support" animals. A few months back, I saw a story about a woman who tried to bring her "emotional support" peacock on a plane. A PEACOCK. 

Now, a woman has been ejected from a plane in Orlando (of COURSE it was in Florida!) for attempting to bring her "emotional support" squirrel aboard the flight. Yes. SQUIRREL. 

Y'all, I am not disrespecting actual service animals or the people who need them. A real, trained service animal is a wonderful blessing to the millions of people who rely on those animals to perform daily functions. That's not what I'm talking about. What I'm talking about is these ridiculous morons who think it's ok to get fake paperwork and vests for their pets and thinking it's ok to bring their pet skink or sugar glider or tarantula with them to the bank or on a plane, and the rest of the world should just be ok with it. The reality is, there are some places you don't need to bring your pet. Not to mention it's really disrespectful to people who actually NEED a service animal!

Anyway, this idiot was removed from the plane because the flight crew asked her to remove her squirrel from the flight and she threw a tantrum...and I'm really irritated by the whole situation (as you can probably tell). 


Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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