Maren Morris struggles with insecurity

I adore Maren Morris. She writes great songs, and seems to not care what others think of her...but in reality, Maren really does struggle with insecurity, and takes it personally when people (ie: strangers on the internet) say mean things. Oh, you mean she's a HUMAN BEING who has the same insecurities as dang near ALL OF US?! 

Maren says she's learning to stay true to herself, and working on not being offended when people say hateful things. I think we can ALL take her advice!


BONUS VIDEO: Kelsea Ballerini gives advice to women who are striving to be successful. Her words were in reference to females breaking into the music industry, but I think they can be applied to all of us, no matter what we're trying to achieve. Be THE BEST at what you do!

Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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