The game of "Life" is getting a makeover


The board game “Life”is 158 years old, and a whole lot has changed over the last century and a half, making the game play a little dated and not particularly relatable. Not anymore!

 Hasbro is set to release a “Quarter Life Crisis” edition of the game this month, and it promises to bring the reality of Millennial life to game night. This new updated version has struggles like the inability to find a job, trying to find a decent date on Tinder, and, as described by Hasbro, "$500K in soul-crushing debt." You can even get stuck with a card that reveals you need to pay for a new phone because you dropped yours in the toilet. 

As a 35-year-old who has "soul-crushing student debt" and a phone that I ruined by dropping it in the toilet (wine was involved, don't judge me), this hits a little too close to home.


Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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