If you're a bad driver...would you admit it?


How many people out there can admit they're BAD DRIVERS?  According to a new survey, the answer is . . . 4%.  Yep, only one out of 25 people were willing to say they're probably a, quote, "below average" driver.  ONLY 4%??! That means a LOT of y'all are either lying, or straight-up delusional! I'm talking to you, guy guy who put on his right blinker to turn LEFT!

22% of people say they're above average, and 48% say they're average. Again, more lies!

Men were slightly more likely to say they're bad drivers than women, 5% to 3%.  But men were also WAY more likely to say they're great drivers than women, 32% to 13%. LOLOLOL!!!

And the older someone is, the less likely they are to believe they're bad at driving . . . 8% of people under 24 admit they're below average, versus 2% of people over 65. OF COURSE they think they're great. Old people think that being slow = being safe. GET OUT OF THE LEFT LANE, GRANDPA. THE LEFT LANE IS FOR PASSING. **deep breath**

So, would YOU admit it if you knew you were a bad driver??


Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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