Have you ever heard of "foreign accent syndrome?!"


Ellen Spencer from Indianapolis, Indiana went from midwestern to foreign thanks to a mysterious neurological condition. It all started one day when she was working at her computer and suddenly felt her chin go numb. Soon, it spread to her entire face. She thought she was having a stroke!

But then, she woke up speaking in a strange new accent...and after several tests she was told her “foreign accent syndrome” is the result of a “bad headache.” Her whole life changed within 48 hours. And now? It's not even a particular accent - it's a blend of international accents (although it sounds sort of French to me). She obviously has some sort of neurological damage, but her doctors can't pinpoint it.

Whatever happened to her brain appears permanent – after almost a decade, she still speaks with the hybrid accent. Even stranger? The accent totally disappears when she sings. The disorder is still a mystery to doctors, so for now she’ll have to deal with the situation on her own.

That's so weird, but also cool! I want to wake up with an accent!

[Daily Mail]

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