Male cheerleaders to make their NFL debut this season


If you've ever watched competitive cheerleading, you know that men have been involved in the sport for years. The men often help the women on lifts and aerial tricks during competitions, as well as completing a lot of the gymnastic moves in routines. 

So men aren't strangers to cheerleading. Got it. But historically, there have never been male cheerleaders in the NFL. Until now. 

The NFL has acknowledged that male cheerleaders deserve a spot on their teams' cheer squads, and for the first time, this upcoming football season will feature male cheerleaders on multiple teams, including the LA Rams and New Orleans Saints. 

I have absolutely no problem with male cheerleaders in the NFL or otherwise...but it makes me wonder if this is an attempt at a ratings grab...and if so, will it work? Do you think people care about the sex of the cheerleaders? 

Congrats to the men who have made the team. I wonder what their uniforms will look like!


Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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