THIS is why you should ALWAYS wash your makeup off before bed!

I have worn makeup every day of my life since 7th grade. That's not an exaggeration. I have just always loved makeup, I like how it makes me feel, and I will wear it because I want to, so don't try to convince me otherwise. 

That being said, I ALWAYS wash my face before I go to bed. Not sometimes, not usually, ALWAYS. Ask any skincare expert, and they'll tell you it's not good to go to bed with products on your face. 

Welp, this woman in Australia apparently didn't get that memo because she slept in mascara (among other products) nearly every night for 25 years. 

First of all, EEW. 

Secondly, WHY!?

A 50 year old mother of two nearly lost her eyesight due to a TERRIBLE infection caused from wearing makeup to bed. Over the years, the mascara got embedded in her eyelids (OMG) and required surgery to remove. Her experience was incredibly painful, and you will not believe these photos. 

I dare you to look at these pictures, and then still go to bed with makeup on. It's SO bad. Click the link below to see. But fair warning, it'll make you cringe. I'M NOT KIDDING.

[Daily Mail]

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