Here's how far you need to be from work in order to relax on vacation

I'm planning a fishing trip this summer with my husband and a couple family members. We're going fishing off the central coast of Florida, just a couple hours from here. I'm really looking forward to it, but according to this survey, I need to plan a trip MUCH farther away from home.

A new study found that the average person can't relax and forget about work until they're at least 1000 miles away from the job and their boss. 

And on top of that, your boss is 41% more likely to contact you while you're on vacation if you don't leave the time zone. RUDE!

One in five people say they still answer calls and check their work email if they're in close proximity to their home city while on vacation, as opposed to when they're farther away. 20% of people have checked work email from the hotel pool. 

Seriously, you people need to unsynch your phones! When I'm on vacation, it all gets turned off. Whatever it is, it can wait until I get back. Bye, Felicia!

Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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