Mother renames son after tattoo typo


I wouldn't get someone's name tattooed on me. I love tattoos, and have absolutely no judgments about them, but my personal line is name tattoos. Or really, words of any kind. Mainly, because I'm such a Grammar Nazi, that if anything were misspelled or had incorrect grammar, I couldn't live with it. It's just too embarrassing. 

Welp, a mom in Sweden decided to tattoo her children's names on her body. Great. A very sweet way to commemorate the births of your kiddos. In this case, the names were Nova and Kevin. 

Flash forward to after the tattoo session. The art is complete and mom takes a look at the finished product. 

It says "Kelvin." The kid's name is Kevin. KEVIN. 

So the mom, understandably frustrated, looks into the cost of laser tattoo's very expensive, incredibly painful, and takes multiple sessions to be effective. 

So mom decides, "Scratch that. New plan." 

Instead of changing the tattoo, she changed the kid's name. 


Because little Kevin  Kelvin was still so young and didn't know his name yet, she decided the easiest course of action was to go down to the courthouse and change his name. Turns out she really liked the name "Kelvin" and the paperwork was cheaper than tattoo removal. 

[Daily Mail]

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