"Sleep Hotels" are taking off across the US

On a gloomy, rainy day, there's nothing better than snuggling up with a blankey and being a lazy bum until the sun decides to come back out. 

There are "sleep hotels" popping up across the US that allow you to do just that: sleep all day.

For example, The Benjamin Hotel in New York City has triple pane windows (for sound dampening), blackout curtains, a "pillow menu" and expert-guided meditations available, with open-ended checkout, so you don't have to be out bed by the traditional 10 or 11am. There's also no room service unless you specifically call and request it, so no one will be knocking on the door to replace the towels until you're good and ready. 

At many Westin Hotels, they have a "Sleep Well package" that includes a "heavenly bed" and earplugs among their amenities, with a refund if you don't get a good nights' sleep.

And a few people have said, "Why don't you just sleep in at you own house and save the money?" Well, for someone who doesn't have kids or dogs, that's do-able. But if you've got to feed your children and walk the dog before it piddles on the floor, sleeping in on a Saturday might not be an option at home. 

Would you pay to stay in one of these "sleep hotels?"

[The Ladders]

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