"Hangover pills" could soon be a thing

A professor at the University of California-Los Angeles has achieved a breakthrough in what he thinks could be a cure for hangovers.

This "hangover pill" is filled with natural enzymes that are usually found in liver cells, which help the body process alcohol faster.

You take the pill and it gives your liver a boost in its efforts to get your system cleared out -- long before you have to deal with hangover symptoms.

The research team is so encouraged by the early results of this pill on mice that they'll begin testing it on humans in a year or so.

I remember, in my 20s, a hangover was no big deal. I'd drink some Gatorade and go back to feeling like my normal self. Now that I'm 35, it's a whole different ballgame! First of all, I don't even have to get drunk to have a hangover anymore! I can have 2 drinks and pay for it the next day with a monster headache and a dried-out feeling for the entire next day...without ever catching a buzz! It's ridiculous! So yes, I'd try it, as long as the researchers found that there were no side effects or long term issues. 

[CBS News]

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