"Vicious" dog just wanted to be friends!


A Texas police officer turned a 911 call about a vicious dog on the loose into a reminder to everyone that you should never judge a book by its cover.

Officer Travis Frost responded to the call about a vicious pit bull on the loose in a residential neighborhood. When he arrived to the area, he expected to have his hands full with an out-of-control dog. He even left the door to his cruiser open in case he had to run for safety. But it turns out he had nothing to worry about.

Officer Frost found the dog on the front porch of a house and whistled at him. The gold-colored dog then happily trotted over to him wagging his tail. The officer immediately relaxed and spent a few minutes petting him. The happy dog then jumped right into the front seat of the cruiser and just hung out for a while.

As Officer Frost waited for animal control officers to arrive, he struck up a quick friendship with the dog. They snapped some selfies and the officer treated the dog to some belly rubs. 

The dog was taken to a shelter where his microchip was read, and he was later returned to his owner.

A spokesperson for the police department said someone called 911 because of a stereotype about pit bulls and said, "If you are judging the dog based on the breed then you are probably doing yourself a disservice." 

My in-laws have a housefull of pit bulls. I can tell you from firsthand experience with a LOT of pits, they are WONDERFUL dogs. Very sweet, friendly, playful, and they LOVE company. I hope this story causes more people to realize how great these animals are, rather than to just assume the worst. 



Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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