You can drink George Washington's Beer!

Anheuser Busch

Just in time for summer, Budweiser is brewing a beer based on a recipe George Washington jotted down in his journal 261 years ago!

Did you know that America's first president was a homebrewer? Well, now you know! Washington enjoyed brewing and drinking beer, and had recipes for beer written in his personal journals

Washington frequently made what is known as "small beer," which is one that has a low alcohol content, and is quick and easy to make (the longer the beer ferments, the higher the alcohol content; the alcohol content is low in this one because of the short fermentation time). Washington's recipe used a lot of molasses, and bran hops.

Budweiser made their version with toasted barley and a smaller amount of molasses, which still gives a caramel-y taste without as much sugar, and will be about 5.4% ABV, which is slightly stronger than Washington's version.

Be on the lookout for Freedom Reserve Red Lager. It will be produced in limited quantities and a portion of the proceeds from it will be donated to spouses and children of soldiers. It's currently available in select stores through September.


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