"Coffee Goggles" exist, and it's why you like your coworkers

I'm lucky: I work with some awesome people. We all get along, and we really are all friends and like hanging out with each other. But apparently, there's a reason behind our friendships, and it has nothing to do with our personalities.

It's called COFFEE GOGGLES. 

That's right.  You know how beer goggles make you think people are more attractive?  According to a study out of the University of California at Davis, "coffee goggles" make you think people are BETTER than they actually are.

 The researchers say that when people drink coffee before a conversation, it helps them focus and makes them feel more positively about the people they're talking with. 

That means you will probably get some decent work done as a group, and you'll feel good about each other as you're doing it. 

I'll take it. If my coworkers need a little coffee in order to like me more, I'll personally pay to have an espresso machine installed in the building. lol! Ok, maybe I'll just volunteer to make a Dunkin run. Espresso machines are expensive. 

Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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