A guy ran the Boston Marathon in flip flops.

A 30-year-old man ran the Boston Marathon this week. No big deal. So did 30,000 other people. But this dude ran it in flip flops. FLIP FLOPS!!

I do not consider myself a runner. I CAN run, I just hate it with the white-hot heat of a thousand suns. You will literally never catch me at a marathon. Unless there's a bar at the end of the route, in which case, I'll be waiting for you to finish with a beer in my hand. 

This guy, Chris Bellamy, is a footwear engineer (that's a thing, apparently), and he created 3D printed flip flops...which he then donned and ran the Boston Marathon. 

Supposedly, these 3D flops are molded to fit his feet precisely, and he said they were comfortable to run in (somehow I doubt that). No word on how his tootsies are feeling AFTER the run!

I would actually consider buying custom printed flip flops--depending on price, of course--but I'm certainly not using them in place of running shoes!

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