7 Year Old Girl Climbs Mt Kilimanjaro!


A seven-year-old from Texas recently became the youngest girl to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro!

Montannah Kenney asked her mother if she could make the climb, but not because she wanted to break a record; she wanted to visit her father in heaven. 

Grab a tissue for this part. 

Montannah's father passed away when she was only 3 years old, and has always been told that her father is watching her from Heaven. Montannah knew that Heaven was in the clouds, and she decided to climb Kilimanjaro in order to be closer to the clouds, so she could wave to her dad. 

I warned you! TISSUE!

Montannah and her mother Hollie say they originally planned the climb for later this year in October, but after they learned that an eight-year-old held the summit record, they decided to do it before Montannah's eighth birthday in May.

It took them six days of sleeping in tents and battling freezing temperatures before they finally reached the peak. Once they made it, Montannah had a special moment with her dad. Hollie says, "It was beautiful. She knew she wanted to blow kisses to him and wave and hopefully he would see her." 

Man, it sure is dusty in here! They really need to change the filters or something...my eyes are watering!

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