Reserve your Space Vacation Now!

It's AMAZING that space tourism will become a "thing" in our lifetime. Our parents (well, I'm 35, so MY parents) remember watching the moon landing in 1969. How crazy is it to think that in OUR LIFETIME, tourism to space will be a reality, and not just science fiction??! That's an incredible thought!

Get ready to make your reservation for the first-ever luxury space hotel! It's expected to launch in 2021 (which seems like it's far away, but it's in just 3 years), and is currently accepting reservations!

Orion Span is a company with the mission to "build and sustain human communities in space accessible to all." Their space hotel -- called the Aurora Station -- will orbit 200 miles above the Earth and offer rooms to space travelers. 

A 12-day stay aboard the Aurora Station has a starting price of $9.5 million (starting price?!) -- and you can reserve your room today with a refundable deposit of $80,000. 

Actually, when you think about it, $80,000 for a deposit is less than 1% of the cost of your trip...and it's refundable if you change your mind, so at least you wouldn't lose the 80 grand.

Honestly, if I had the money (don't get it twisted...I DON'T have the money!), I'd do it. How many people can say they've taken a space vacation?? It sounds amazing! But I wonder how the food is... I would hope that for $9.5M you aren't stuck eating freeze-fried food for 12 days. I know cooking with heat is probably frowned upon in space (imagine a kitchen fire in an oxygen-rich bueno), but I'd hope they could come up with something nice for that price point.


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