Did you know that a ROOF could be repossessed?!

It's pretty common knowledge that if you buy something on a payment plan, but then never make the payments, someone will come repossess their stuff. I know people who've gotten cars, furniture, or appliances repossessed because they didn't make their payments...it's not uncommon. 

But there are certain things I had no idea could even BE repossessed...like a roof! 

In Louisiana, a woman hired a roofer to replace the roof on her home. The bill was $11,000, and she never made a payment. After a year and a half of asking for his money and sending invoices, the roofer finally got sick of waiting for his money and took the roof back. 

He took. the roof. back. 

The homeowner came home from work to find that the roof on her house had been completely removed. And then it rained. And that was a problem. So now the roofer is being charged with criminal damage to property and trespassing. 

Ok, I get the trespassing charge...but damage to property? I can see how the roof repossession is a little extreme, but technically, didn't he own it? If I stop making payments on my car, the bank will come and get it...because I technically don't own the car until I pay off the loan. Isn't this the same thing? I know it's a little harsh, but the roofer waited a year and a half and still never got his money! What do you think about this??

FYI: The homeowner reported she had been satisfied with the work that was done on the roof, so her failure to pay wasn't due to faulty work.  She claims that she was waiting on an insurance settlement to arrive before she could pay, but the roofer claims that they had a written agreement that didn't include anything about an insurance settlement. It'll be interesting to see who the judge sides with.

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