If there's a lizard in your lettuce, it just means it's REALLY fresh!

People always freak out when they see something in their food that doesn't belong. But here's a case where I think the customer is totally overreacing. 

A Washington DC woman bought a bag of kale (Eew. First mistake!) at a Trader Joe's (Two-Buck Chuck REPRESENT) and was grossed out to find a lizard in the bag. 

Ok, I get not wanting a reptile in your food. But isn't the fact that a lizard was in there an indicator that the kale was just REALLY fresh? I mean, if you want fresh food, you can't complain that sometimes little critters might be in there. 

If it were a hair or a band-aid, I'd be throwing a royal fit! But a lizard? Hey, if the kale is good enough for that cute little guy, it's good enough for me. 

That's a lie. Kale is gross. Don't eat kale. Maybe the real lesson to learn here is that we should all be avoiding kale. Problem solved!


Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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