Church pays medical bills for strangers!


This is amazing, and further proof that there are SO MANY good people in the world!

Covenant Church in Texas had been collecting donations to use for their Easter service, as well as other outreach projects in their neighborhood of Carrollton. But they decided at the last minute that the donated funds would be better spent by helping to meet a very real need...paying people's medical bills!

Covenant Church paid the medical bills of STRANGERS (not just church members, but everyone) living in a 20-mile radius of the church. Injured veterans, elderly folks, parents with sick children...when all was said and done, they paid $10,551,618 in medical bills for over 4200 families! That's incredible! And for many families, having that debt paid by generous donors is truly life-changing!

[Relevant Magazine]

Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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