And you thought YOU were having a bad day!


When it's time to take your drivers' test, it's a good idea to bring your A-game. I mean, you're being evaluated on your ability to operate a 3000lb machine. Try to focus. 

A student driver in Connecticut must've been having an off-day...during her exam, she crashed a vehicle (owned by the driving school) into the side of the DMV office. *facepalm*

So yeah, she totaled a car AND demolished a building. 

Not good. I'm guessing she didn't pass. 

Oh, and the student driver was 46 years'd think, at that age, she'd have developed better spatial ability. Or learned the difference between the gas and the brake. (the gas is the skinny one on the right, FYI).

Lucky for us, it was caught on security camera!

State police reported that two people who were in the building at the time suffered minor injuries, and one more was taken to the hospital. 

As a side, note, someone I know was taking her drivers' test back in the day and hit a mail truck. This was back when you had to actually drive the car on the road in order to get your license, and she somehow rear-ended a mail truck that was completely she failed her test and damaged Federal property. Fun!


Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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