Man accidentally buys old photo of Jesse James

Photo credit: Justin Whiting

A man in England was browsing through listings on eBay and purchased an old photograph of a man from the wild, wild west for $10. 

When he received the photo, Justin Whiting realized that the picture might have been taken of famous outlaw Jesse James.

He found a photography expert who confirmed that it actually was a portrait of Jesse James, taken when he was just 14 years old -- making the photograph extremely valuable.

Because Jesse James is so famous and because there are so few pictures of him around, the $10 photo Justin purchased could be worth $2.8 milllion. Or more.

Justin has already contacted London auction house Christie's and will definitely be selling it, with hopes of using the money to buy his own house and his own car. 

That's amazing! Have you ever bought something for cheap that turned out to be super valuable?? I'd love to know what it was!


Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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