Don't Drink and PRIME!


Is it time to buy a breathalyzer lock?  Not for your car, but to keep you away from Amazon? 

According to a new study, the average American will spend $448 on DRUNKEN ONLINE SHOPPING this year. 

And if those projections are right, they've DOUBLED from last year, where we bought $206 worth of stuff after we'd been drinking. 

By the way, those numbers include the money you drunkenly spend on food.  

I will say this: I've been tipsy and fallen victim to the "buy now with one click" ordering on Amazon. You can really get in trouble with that! And then 2 days later, a bunch of boxes show up at your door, and you're SO excited because you forgot all about it! get your credit card statement in the mail!

I've even gotten orders in less than 24 hours before! Thank God for that Tampa Bay distribution center!

ps--The money we spend buying stuff when we're drunk isn't anywhere close to the amount we spend actually GETTING drunk.  

The study found that the average person will spend $1,901 on booze this year.  That averages out to just under $37 a week.  

pps-- Men are making more drunk purchases than women! Guys, don't even think you can blame your wives for this!


Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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