Fair punishment, or abuse?


A Virginia father has triggered a debate about proper parenting after he posted a video on Facebook showing his 10-year-old son running to school in the rain as a form of punishment for bullying his classmates.

Bryan Thornhill says his son had repeatedly gotten into trouble for bullying and was banned from the school bus last week. So to teach him a lesson, he made him run to school as he followed in his car. Thornhill says since his son has been running to school, about a mile, his behavior has improved and he hasn't gotten into trouble.

In the video, he calls says "This right here is just old school simple parenting." He adds that it's a "healthy way for a child to be punished."

But a lot of people on social media don't agree. Many parents argue that this particular punishment is a form of bullying in itself, especially because it was posted to Facebook.

I personally think that the dad is doing what he had to do to get through to his son...maybe this is the only thing that the son has responded to after previous failed attempts to get him to stop bullying. It's also giving the son a little taste of what it's like to be on the receiving end of some unpleasant treatment, so maybe it'll prevent him from bullying more kids going forward. And for the record, a mile isn't a long way to run, and it's not like he was unsupervised.

What do you think?

Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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