These people clearly don't understand how swimsuits work


Would someone please explain to ASOS how swimwear works? Getting wet is kind of its job.

Fashion company ASOS has rolled out a black-and-white, off-the-shoulder, studded neckline one-piece that is getting lots of attention … and it's not because lots of people want it. It’s because in the product description it explains that the swimsuit CAN'T be worn in water and needs to be dry-cleaned!

 Yep, you can sit pool-side and beachside … but don’t even think about getting this SWIM-suit wet. 

You can't even WASH it?! 

Look, it's a cute suit. I'm even willing to pretend that the tan lines aren't a problem (let's be real: They are. Your tan would be totally jacked up from wearing this thing). But the fact that I can't even wash the dang thing, let alone wearing it IN the water...nope. Pass.

[Daily Mail]

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