What is wrong with people??!


Sometimes I just don't understand people. 

The things people will do in public, enclosed spaces is totally baffling to me. Airplane behavior has gotten COMPLETELY out of control. People putting their feet on other people's seats, people opening up their stinky leftovers in the middle of the flight (yeah, I'll say it: no one on the plane wants to smell your 6-hour -old tuna sandwich). 

Humanity has reached a new low: A woman on a flight to Moscow, Russia decided it was perfectly acceptable to dry her underwear on the vent above her seat. 


And because the internet is everywhere, someone recorded her and shared it online, and now I'm sharing it with you, because if I have to see it, you do too. Them's the rules. 

I have SO many questions. Why were her underpants wet? Where did she wash them? Why was nothing else in her luggage wet? Didn't she have a spare pair that she could throw on instead of this ridiculousness? Who raised her to think that this behavior is acceptable on an airplane? Is her mother a hyena? THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW!

[Daily Mail]

Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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